The Yorkshire Society

We have received the following request from the Society:

The Yorkshire Society is in the process of creating a completely new website for itself; feel free to review the very out-of-date current one at

The Yorkshire Society is a not-for-profit and we are seeking suitable images to populate and feature on the new website. I was wondering if any YPU Photographers might want to supply some suitable shots for us to use on a no-fee basis – we would of course credit the photographer and it will provide a beneficial advertising possibility for the photographer as the site visits will be high. 

Our intention is to create a contemporary website that makes the most of the visual impact Yorkshire offers as backgrounds – the idea is that the site, though carrying a lot of information, will be very pictoral visually. Photos of our own, of events etc, we will provide of course.

In terms of timing, we are hoping to have our new site ready by mid January – production is just starting. So images from you/your members as early as possible please. Ideally it would be great to simply have as many as possible to choose from. 

I cannot say how many photos we will need but we will have a regualrly changing/updated range and featuring all aspects/views of Yorkshire; not just the landscape but industrial and human too. The site, in a sense, could be a showcase for the photographers featured.
I suggest that good quality jpegs to a maximum of 1024 pixels horizontal by 768 pixels vertical be provided.

I can confirm that any photos used will carry a credit to the owner/creator, also I can confirm that the copyright will remain the image owner/photographers.


Philip Bell (Director of Operations the Yorkshire Society)

For further details contact Philip Bell (Director of Operations the Yorkshire Society) Tel 0793 287 4355

N.B. Please send your images to Sim Singh (Website Production)

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