The Art in Architecture by Les Forrester

Architecture is my main subject of photography. This talk/presentation looks at various cities around Europe mainly focusing on modern architecture both in colour and monochrome. The subject can be in dark monochrome or the very light delicate tones of monochrome, in colour I show the vivid colour ranges of the Munich U Bahn to the subtle desatured colours of Stuttgart. In the talk/presentation I explain my thoughts behind the images some go much deeper showing the original RAW file that came out of camera and its journey through my vision and processing that makes the final image, I talk and show you through this process plus others I will show the final image and the RAW. It is not only an evening of showing images I try to explain my workflow, research and what to look for in architectural shoots to help your member if they shot architecture. Although the talk/presentation is digital I also bring a selection of prints for members to view.