Hints and Tips

A collection of tips from our members and others. Click on the links to read the relevant article.

(NB The software discussed is indicated in brackets, but similar effects may well be possible with alternatives.)


General Articles

Aspects to consider when judging prints

Tips for taking photographs and preparing them for exhibitions

Inspirational photographers

The HEIC file format used by some mobile phones (HEIC Image Viewer – Support Converter)


Camera Technique

Taking photos in the snow

Setting shutter speed to avoid camera shake

Photographing birds in flight

Macro image Focus Stacking (plus Photoshop)



Using brushes (Photoshop)

Creating a “misty” effect with a white layer (Photoshop)

Turning day into night (Photoshop)

Black and white photography (Photoshop, Lightroom)

Creating panorama pictures (Autostitch)

Picture Perfect 1: Straighten and crop (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 2: Cloning (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 3: Brightness and Contrast (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 4: Local Control (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 5: Hue and Saturation (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 6: Colour Balance (Photoshop)

Picture Perfect 7: Sharpening (Photoshop)



Printing tips

Sizing for printing and projection (Photoshop)

How to view Gallery Pictures

Sharing photos on Flickr (Flickr)