Picture of the Month – April 2023


Wow! What a choice. The ‘Open’ Gallery topic really has given me a difficult task. With such a great variety of interesting images everyone is a winner in their own right. I browsed the gallery a number of times and then slept on it. In the end, I decided on Sue Best’s night-time motorway scene. It’s a personal decision because that’s how I look at photographs. ‘Does it have Impact?’ We’ve heard Rod make that comment many times, a tick from me. Would I be happy to have taken that image? Yes, I would and another tick, but I haven’t made the effort to do it! These criteria do apply to quite a number of other images. What finally swung my decision to Sue’s image was the perseverance to trudge out after dark, more than once, to get a result. It’s been a tough job making my final choice. In my eyes, there are still a number of images very worthy of ‘Certificate of Merit’/’Highly Commended’. Congratulations to all who submitted images. Keep them coming.

Alan Ward

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