Picture of the Month – August 2023


I have selected Yvonne’s still life of shells. Yvonne’s photo is a beautifully arranged layout with terrific form, texture and colour. The square format is just right, and I like the way that she has cut off the shells at the picture edges, rather than trying to get them within the frame. This gives an impression that the field of shells goes on forever outside the picture. Within the frame are many nice little areas of interest, like the cluster of four tiny shells near the centre. There are also strong colours, like the red banded scallop near the centre, which draws the viewer’s attention into the image. You can look at the picture for a long while and keep finding interest, so it would be a good image to frame and hang on the wall, as it is both striking and has enduring interest. Yvonne’s output of ‘still-life’ images is a continual delight!

John Bentley

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