Picture of the Month – July 2021


I’ve chosen this picture because it uses lines in a creative and original way to make a powerful image, and because it admirably fulfils the theme of ‘Lines’.

Car light trails are often photographed, but usually they are the main subject rather than being a secondary but important part of the overall composition as in Graham’s picture. The converging lines lead the eye directly to the central light at the end of the street, and from there the eye is drawn up the tower to the clock, all of which clearly marks out the town hall as the main subject of the picture.

Looking at the overall composition, the tower is centrally placed but the picture is well balanced by the symmetry of the buildings on either side. The verticals are vertical, and the picture is well exposed with no blocked shadows and the only burned out highlights are well controlled and perfectly acceptable.

The bar has been set for future Pictures of the Month, and it’s been set very high!

Rod Smith

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