Picture of the Month – March 2022


I chose this image by Malcolm Walker from the Dales or Coast Gallery as I think it encapsulates something of the Dales. Here we have a rounded hill in the background, a limestone wall and some sheep which look as though they are able to escape the confines of the field, but I think that’s just clever photography. It struck me as a slightly different way of presenting sheep as they are not the pretty little gambolling lambs that are appearing in the fields now and which often appear on postcards or birthday cards, but the rather older Blue Faced Leicesters enjoying a rest in the sun. In addition, it’s a great sky in this photograph.
Whilst I suspect that some judges might feel the wall blocks the image, I don’t think that is the case as it shows the wonders of dry-stone walling and sets the scene – this has to be the Dales.
What’s more, I love the title!

Gill Pinkerton

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