Picture of the Month – May 2023


Choosing the picture of the month is very difficult as I like quite a few of the images. However, the image I have chosen is Gill Pinkerton’s “Victory or Defeat?”
I really like how the squirrel has been captured on the bird feeder. Its body posture mirrors the curve of the garden path, and the light through the squirrel’s tail is delightful. The length of the grass along the path is tufty like the tail and the path takes you up the garden and beyond.
I think it would help if the red flower was toned down in the top right of the picture as that would help keep the focus on the main subject. Overall, a very good image taken on a mobile phone.
Well done to all who submitted a picture for the animal gallery. Interestingly, quite a few of the pictures have been taken on a mobile phone. It just goes to show that you can enjoy photography without spending a fortune or lugging a heavy camera around.
Congratulations, Gill.

Sue Best

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