Picture of the Month – January 2023


I liked several of the photographs this month, but I have finally picked Paul Underhill’s Eau de Soir. The picture has been captured at the right second, shooting into the bright sunlight has caused lens flare. The lens flare has lined up just right with the slurry coming out of the muck spreader, giving a real feeling of action in the picture. A picture with lens flare wouldn’t normally make a good picture but on this occasion I think it works! However, I note the picture also has two or three dust spots. I’m sure if Paul had known about these, he may well have removed them in Photoshop. By having this pointed out, Paul will be able to clean the sensor and lens, so next time he picks up his camera he’ll get a clean shot! It’s not always about perfection, we all do strive to be better photographers. For me, Paul’s image is a pleasing farming picture. I hope my choice gives encouragement to all.

Sue Best

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